Frequently Asked Questions

A general construction contractor is primarily responsible for the everyday oversight of a given construction site and can even manage vendors and trades, as well as being the primary communicator with the property owners. At A Castillo Construction, we have an enviable reputation for putting together some of the most distinguished structures around town that are both visually and structurally superior. We are often asked a lot of questions about how we function and what makes us unique, and on this page, we attempt to address all those queries with intricate attention to detail. If any further questions arise, we urge our customers to reach out to us, and our experts will be happy to help. We have some of the most impressive customer service across the entire Ennis, TX area.

What are the important safety factors to consider during construction?

The most essential safety parameters to consider during any construction service are ensuring that everyone is equipped with the correct safety gear, following the right environmental guidelines to avoid any legal troubles after the fact, and ensuring optimal cleanliness throughout the site. One also must ensure that every worker on the site has proper site training and is aware of the safety measures as well as first aid measures that are in place.

How expensive is general construction?

The overall expenses affiliated with modern-era construction are entirely dependent on the property owners and the kind of additions they are willing to make. The cost of materials, the amenities, and complications that might arise due to the design layout are some of the most basic price points regarding any new construction estimate. The ideal Construction Company can accommodate all your requirements, source the right materials, and not overcharge for the labor while delivering exceptional results. Hence, they are hard to come by.

What construction materials are best for longevity?

Any trusted general construction company will suggest brick, stone, steel, and even concrete, being the core materials essential for modern-era construction based entirely on their longevity and durability. The real difference makers in terms of costs come after the framing process commences and the layout needs to be put in place.

Are you certified?

Yes. As professionals praised for exceptional results, we are also certified and go the extra mile whenever necessary to exceed the expectations of our customers. We are very motivated to never cut corners and always prioritize customer satisfaction.

How experienced are you?

Each member of our team is a highly regarded construction expert, and over the past two years, we have worked on numerous projects, both large and small, with intricate attention to detail and systematic finishes leading the charge. We are considered the ideal choice for any new construction based entirely on our work ethic.

Any new construction projects can be executed with precision, and based on the insights on this page, we are confident that any new clients will be more than happy to choose us for their future requirements. We can boost their confidence further by addressing any particular queries they might have and urge clients to reach out to A Castillo Construction at (972) 914-7084 for more details. Our customer service experts are trained, trusted, and highly regarded across the entire Ennis, TX area.